Frequently Asked Questions

When does the program run?

  • Tutors are available through the summer and the fall. You and your tutor decide on the most convenient time to meet.

How often can I meet with my tutor?

  • We ask each tutor to meet with their student for at least one hour a week. This can be one 60 minute session or two 30 minute sessions. Many of our tutors end up meeting with their student for more than an hour each week. If you would like to meet with the tutor more often, please note this on the sign-up form.

How will I connect with my tutor?

  • Students will connect over a video platform of their choice. We recommend Zoom, but our tutors can also use Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, FaceTime, etc. If you don't have a computer, we can also tutor over the phone.

Will I have the same tutor each week?

  • Yes! We will match you with a personal tutor and you will meet one-on-one.

Who are the tutors?

  • We have over 200 tutors from the University of Maryland, College Park and other universities. Our tutors study natural sciences, languages, education, public health, and many other subjects. Tutors are selected based on their academic background and teaching experience and are matched with students based on language and academic interests.

What languages do your tutors speak?

  • Our tutors speak Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Amharic, Arabic, Vietnamese, French, Hindi, Urdu, Korean, Russian, Malayalam, Hebrew, Persian, Bulgarian, Fante, Twi, Bangla, Telugu, Ghomala, Gujarati, Italian, Serbian, Bengali, Swahili, Nepali, and more.

What can tutors help me with?

  • Tutors can provide help with conversational or academic English, math, reading, SAT prep, or any other subject -- let us know if there is something specific you would like to work on!

Do you run any programming?

  • Over the summer, we will be running a variety of virtual events. These include computer science workshops, yoga classes, Q&As about applying for jobs and college, and more!

What are the safety guidelines?

  • Tutors must follow all of the guidelines in the Tutor Contract and parents/guardians must adhere to the Parent Guidelines.

  • Tutors must complete the Prince George's County Public School Safe Schools Training and submit proof of their completion of the training.

  • In summary, tutors will first meet with the parent to discuss expectations. Tutors will always meet with their students in a public place in their home or with their door open. Tutors will only meet with the student if there is a parent home, and they will check in with the parent at the beginning of each tutoring session. They will not connect with the student over social media, record any tutoring sessions, or share any personal information about the student. After each session, tutors submit a log of what they did with the student. If you have any questions or concerns, please email

How much does tutoring cost?

  • Tutoring is completely free.

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